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Additional Funeral Services

Additional Services

We will be keen to help you with the following....
  • Provide practical assistance to allow the deceased to remain at home prior to the funeral, should this be the request of the family.
  • Arrange all necessary paperwork to allow burial or cremation to take place.
  • Provide facilities for viewing of the deceased prior to the funeral, according to the requests of the family.
  • Provide the necessary vehicles and staff to conduct the funeral with dignity and professionalism, according to the instructions of the family.
  • Arrange for special musical requests at the funeral service.
  • Liaise with the officiant during the funeral service.
  • Accept donations in lieu of flowers on behalf of the client, providing the family with a list of those who have donated.
  • Provide advice and assistance with the registration of the death. Please note that the Funeral Director cannot register a death - this must be done by a family member or person closely connected with the deceased.
Additional Funeral Services

Additional Funeral Services